"Nowadays, when you're not a grandmaster at 14, you can forget about it." (Anand?).More explanation?

It's a simple phrase, but it has meanings that I can not deduce.

It is true Anand said it?

To forget WC, to be on top 20 ranking in the world, to win outstanding tournaments, become a grand master, 500 best players in the world...?. Forget what?

In this forum, I do not remember it well. Someone wrote that he knew a case of a person of 60, 62 who started studying it from scratch and in 2 years he had 2200 ELO (it is very possible that it is true).

I am very interested in knowing your opinion (or cases that you know) about age.
When is it too late to start?
If one starts with 24 and studies hard can not reach the 50 best?
Are there cases of meteoric learning curves in a short time?
The media called Korchnoi old in Merano 1981?
Pillsbury learned at 18 (if I'm wrong, you can correct me)

The phrase of the header can be seen from many perspectives and with many debates.

What player started playing obtaining high ratio "advanced age"-admirable tournaments wins?

District or State Level Tournaments? Can anyone win one, starting to study at 40?


of course u can start studying at 40 but it will just be harder,because u will be getiing tired more not really sure that anand said this,but it is kinda true ,since u cant reach top level if u dont startt studying very early

I think the aphorism is about getting WC - and Google says it might be from Vishy, yes.

You can always try to devote 6,8,12,16h /day into something, and depending on your goals it might work out even in high ages. Guess its just more unlikely. At 95 or 105 you´ ll probably need some time to just "survive" and motivation might not be that high anymore.
ELO 2200 is WFM I think (?)- sure kinda always possible, if youre female.
Got my Elo(1909) 20 years ago by just one opponent who started to phone ingame and got disq... ;)

Dont underestimate the number of people trying to do this - niches are probably easier as less people "working" there.

Carlsen had quite some meteoric curve I think..

In 50 years I guess the truths will be "If youre not GM by 7 you can forget it" :D

It is like with everything else. If you want to be under the absolute best of the best then you will have to start very young. Sure if you dedicate everything you have on chess and study for the next 10 years, MAYBE you manage Top 100. But it is unlikely.

Well on national TV MVL 2/3 years ago said that nowadays it was "useless" to hope to become one of the best if you couldn t become GM before 15 so...

If Anand was speaking about the World Championship, then yeah, he is probably correct. But if just want to be a two-a-penny 2600 pro stomping amateurs in massive swiss tournaments, you might be fine to learn the game any time in your teens or twenties if you put the time and effort in.

He means that chess has become so young and all the young stars are getting all the fame. He might of hinted about the World Championship but probably not.

Anand was talking about being a World Champion. I saw the video when he said it. Its also true. Just think about who has played for the WC recently. Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin, Magnus Carlsen all grandmasters by age 14.

If you start in your youth time FM, max. IM will be the limit. I know thousands of players but no late-starter above 20 yo has ever become FM.

I started at the age of 16 and invested some tens of thousands hours into chess.

I think becoming FM is possible after 20's depending whole lotta things. But it has to be rare. In Japan Go pro candidates must make it to professional ranks before 20 or they just have to live with being an amateur

As WC sure. Chess players ability peak typically before 30. So if still struggling to make it in pro category at late teens then there just is not enough of time.