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  3. new trophies

My opinion: lichess trophy isn’t something you guys should be planning...if someone does something truly remarkable the trophy will get to them automatically. Usually in the past, it would be a notable streamer making a challenge for themselves (like Zug and Aman). I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you plan the criteria it becomes less unique since multiple people can try to get the trophy.

I adore unique trophies and I found out that my only chance is the shield trophies or the marathon ones. Missed the marathon:( so I am going for the chess960 shield trophy, hope I get the unique trophy:)

I never get a trophy,for now 2000 rapid is my beloved trophy lol

I always miss the marathon for some reason @mysterious_expert...I always have some sort of conflict :)

I always have otb tourneys

I have school, soccer, and chess lessons :(

Huh. Oh well, I will try for a streak anyway.
It started on July 13, 2018.

Even if from different variants, the streak is the same.

A mobile trophy that goes to a player that beats you twice in a row and randomly goes to a random player once a month (or else All trophy’s will migrate to the highest rated players).

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