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NM Titus369

No note yet
Andrew Titus

I am only playing Rapid/Classical nowadays. Here are some of my best achievements on lichess: Top 5 Ultra 6/22/2017, Top 10 KOTH 6/26/2017, 2500 Ultra 2/25/2018, 2000+ in all Variants 4/7/2018. Next Goals: 2500 in bullet/blitz/rapid, 2300+ in classical

2 wins1 draw
Played 3 Rapid games 24173

2 wins
Played 2 Rapid games 24149
Gained 1 new follower

Gained 1 new follower

3 wins
Played 3 Horde games
1 win
Played 1 Blitz game
1 win
Played 1 Rapid game
Gained 1 new follower
Participated in 2 simultaneous exhibitions

1 win
Played 1 Rapid game 24053
Gained 1 new follower

2 wins1 loss
Played 3 Rapid games 240215
1 win
Played 1 Blitz game
Started following 1 player