New multi premoves + kb extension

So yesterday playing with my experiment account, I used for the first time the new multi premove + kb extension. If you get to it you are fast as hell, the thing is all this new extensions like kb and this new one, I think they are breaking the ultra spirit. Is just that I prefered when we all where mouse, mobile and tablet player, no extensions. I am with Penguin that kb should be quit.
(Btw, apart for all, the job of @BerserkAsIfUWereMad making this is incredible)
What do you think?

@L_Macc isn't ultra bullet relative new, way too new to have a spirit? As much as i like penguins, but really dont get it. Its not like its not totally artificial anyway. How are impossible premoves in the spirit of chess anyway? Ban all premoves!

@Ihavenothing As my english is not the best, I think didn't really understood your message, I'm not saying to ban premoves, just saying to ban the extensions as I think it was more enjoyable before.

@L_Macc no i ment, why are extensions bad but premoves good? Premoves are the extensions of the past, or so i think.

@Ihavenothing Premoves are good, but this is too fast and don't even thinking the moves. With premoves you think more the premoves. Is just an opinion, nothing is going to happen and kb is going to stay with multiple premoves. Multi premoves is all right but multi premove + kb is too much.

@L_Macc i don't think anyone is thinking the moves. Even bullet, i saw a rapid player that lined up queen behind knight, for discovered check just to exchange knights. That same guy is 2600 bullet, can you believe it 2600 bullet.

An add-on extension is a form of assistance to play faster.
Like power steering for cars.

So both use assistance.
Assistance is not permitted in chess.

I do not use chess add-ons in my browser, because I consider it as getting assistance.

Chess is a manual game.
You manually steer the pieces.
Power steering for the chess pieces should not be permitted.

If the site gives you the premove, then use it wisely.
But OTB you can say goodbye to your premoves and don't play on your opponents time.
Wait until they press the clock.

If unlimited premoves were a feature of the website, as I know it is on, I welcome it on lichess too. But I feel it's kinda cheating if people use browser extensions to change the behavior of their chess games.

What if everyone was still using ball mouse then you guys would be complaining about people using optical mouse.
What if someone had a 20 fps monitor you would complain about people having a 120 FPS monitor saying they could see moves better.
What if someone was playing with XXXX there is always something another player will have that is better equipment than you. I support all tech that does not give you any hint on what move to play. If I can see a forced mate in 5 I should be able to play the play the continuation as fast as my mind can see it happen

According to me I think if premoves are banned then no speed speed speed.....everyone will be equal in speed if their hands are faster(If their are no premoves)and it will be fair use extension because no premoving.