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  3. My final topic on all chess forums

Hello i decided to publish on lichess and only here my final topic on all chess and internet forums,so this post will be (the) more important than my life.It is not a troll post but a very long one where i write all my questions and after this i will publish nothing more so please be serious in answering.
I will do 10 questions with always 3 possible answers.
The 3 answers possible are:
1) First option (but you can write 1)
2) Second option (but you can write 2)
3) 50%-50% (but you can write 3)
I do my best wishes to who will answer me.Ty a lot with your lives and chess progress,i hope you all will become masters or more in this wonderful game.
My 10 questions.
Q1) Is it better to play online on different sites(first option) or only on lichess which is my favourite in absolute(option 2)?
Q2)I lose hours everyday to watch chess videos on twitch and youtube,is it a good(opt.1) or bad(opt.2)use of my chess time?
Q3)I play chess and another game but very often i think that the other game is only an obstacle for my chess grow.Should i play only on chess with no distraction(opt.1) or should i also have fun with other game(opt.2)?
Q4)I often play tournaments also in real world but i quite never win something.I have no particular money problems,but i take losses really seriosly.Should i go on to play real tournaments(opt.1) or should i stop and play only online(opt.2)?
Q5)I study and analyze my games on myself.Is it good(opt.1) or should i try to see if anyone wanna analyze them with me(opt.2)?
Q6)In chess tournaments i have respect for every opponent because usually there are always same players in my zone.But during a game should i be angry with killer instinct(opt.1) or should i try to keep calm and think deeply thinking only to chess boards with no psychology(opt.2)?
Q7)A person wants to create an own opening,an own chess site,an own "chess circle".He has right(1) or wrong(2)?
Q8)You believe more in your deep thinking and house analysis(1) or in your intuition and genius(2)?
Q9)Physical condition is important(1) or not(2) for a chess game or a chess tournament?
Q10)Psychological condition is important(1) or not(2) for a chess tournament or a chess game?
Example of answer: if u agree with option 1 in question 1 and question 2 you can write: A11 ,A21.
Really thanks again,i wish you all the best. Goodbye.
PS:I will no answer but i will see every comment and will take it with your answers with the maximal attention!!!


I don't know your situation so I answered what I think in general should be good according to me. I just don't understand question 7. The answers also depends on many factors, for example if you want to take chess seriously or just as hobby to play with friends and many more.

You neglected to provide the the best option...
4) "None of the above"


I would say stick to not taking it seriously unless you have talent. If your 40 yrs old, play for fun. If you 8 yrs old, see what you can accomplish. But chess is ultimately folly. All games and sports are inherently lacking of that which grants lasting happiness. It is highs and lows. About 50/50. My advice is forget your questions. Focus on practicing meditation and spiritual development for 3 weeks. Then you can answer them all yourself.

OP writes "this is not a troll post".
By definition, such qualification, makes it so!
I like #6 the best. Should he be angry over his "killer instinct" or "be calm, deeply thinking, with no psychology"? I've often wondered about this.

Well this is precisely the point of zen. You will not play better when emotional. Anger is bad for the mind, (I gave a speech on aggression in college and did not know the topic until I was onstage). The trick is that some positions call for ruthless aggression, which can be made by a player with calm nerves, no animosity, just a cold calculation that can be interpreted as downright vicious. "Aggression is a dish best served cold" - not revenge. Revenge is hot as a coal that you burn yourself with while
your enemy knows nothing of your hate. Likewise the Samurai train to never let anger enter into a contest as it becomes a disadvantage of the mind and robs them of honor as well. I consider chess a mental samurai duel. Or Robot-Rock.

11 22 32 41 52 63 71 81 91 101

Who could have guessed after posting his "final" topic in all chess forums, the OP would close his account, days after opening it?

He’s probably unsatisfied with the answers/advice we gave him and maybe decided to ask them on a different website :)

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