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Question 1: 3: It's better to play on other chess sites as long as they are good, such as ICC or fics

2. 1

3. 2

4. 3 - it doesn't really matter

5. 3 - analyse by yourself then see if it matches with a better player

6. 2

7. 1

8. 3 - doesnt matter

9. 2
10. 2

21 hours ago

Hello i decided to publish on lichess and only here my final topic on all chess and internet forums,so this post will be (the) more important than my life.It is not a troll post...

I don't understand? He closed his account only days after opening it. I observe many new accounts of members who have been recently banned from CC for constant trolling, forming "Teams" an such here. Maybe that explains it.

chess dot com ?

1) option 2. Lichess is just perfect
2) option 2. Play, don't watch.
3) option 2. I play atomic very seriously but just for fun. don't listen to people who say variants harm your chess. It is like saying playing CoD or LoL harms your chess.
4) option 1. Real people and the atmosphere is better.
5) option 3. Analyze with Stockfish.
6) option 1. Attacker wins.
7) option 3. Chess site: even though it is the best server on world, lichess has some small issues. Become a programmer and work with thibault.
Opening: having your own opening is good. But it has to be good.
Crushing novelties etc.
"chess circle": what ? like hypermodernism or something ? if yes, NO. Current things (classic, hypermodern) are good.
8) option 3. Blend these things in a blender and you have Magnus.
9) option 1. You can't play with migraine or a broken leg.
10) option 1. psychopaths can't play in tournaments properly.


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