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The USCF has milestone awards, I was wondering if Lichess has ever considered milestone awards, like 10,000 blitz wins or whatever. Your thoughts?

What does USCF have other than titles? Lichess gives awards for winning some of the bigger tournaments and I think you get a thing for being top 100 in any variant and time control. Seems silly to get anything for just playing.

It would be a milestone if the USCF publish their weird rules or even better jettison them officially.

USCF's rules are in print in their 6th edition as of 2016, plus updates, plus online also I believe. I have the print edition. On the USCF website (sorry members only), not only are there titles, but they have milestone awards like 100 rated wins and such. They don't really mean much. Just thought it might be nice for some people. My proposed 10,000 is a fairly large number. Not everyone is so super awesome that they win bigger tournaments. Just thought it might be nice, sorry to disturb.
As far as jettisoning USCF rules, why would you ask us to destroy our national governing body, favor of a corrupt FIDE world organization? I would never ask any other nation to do such a thing. I just don't think it would be right. Besides, not everyone competes internationally, nor should they. I guess I'm just not ready for the one world order yet. Sorry. I suppose we could put it before USCF delegates and the chess playing public at large here in the U.S. and ask them. I think they might have the good sense to say no, and rightly so.