Mating Material

Just a question how come if your playing bullet for example and you lose on time but your opponent only has a knight or bishop left which is no mating material how come the game is not drawn? Seem to think its a little unfair?

If your opponent has just a knight xor a bishop and you have only your king, the game is automatically a draw, however if you have a pawn or other pieces, your opponent is able to checkmate you if you collaborate. (This is mostly used for dirty flagging.)

I had King and a Bishop, and my friend had a Knight and 2 Pawns and my time ran out this should be a drawn game how ever my friend lost on time? but i have no pawns only a bishop and a king no mating material?

You can mate with a lone bishop IF your opponent helps you by placing his own piece(s) and pawn(s) as to restrict his own king’s escape from your bishop check.

Beacuse you could checkmate him if he had put his king in the corner with his pieces blocking, you could have won if he had collaborated.

And how about when you have only a Knight and a King vs anything? Iv had that before too, where ive won with no mating material on other sites for example these scenarios I.E king and bishop and King and Knight is automatically a draw simply because you have no pawns that can proceed to queens and hence mate you

A KB vs KN still has a mating position, therefore it's a win. Pawns don't matter, only the possibility of a mate.

Okay just confused to why other sites give a draw automatically and this one doesnt, and also if we played by FIDE rules it would be a draw automatically too