Mating Material

I understand this because this is mating material, please refer to my other comment before this one just confused to why other sites give a draw automatically and this one doesnt, and also if we played by FIDE rules it would be a draw automatically too

But this is the point im trying to make, a pawn is mating material, but if that was a bishop or a knight on other sites and by FIDE rules this would be a draw

Let's simplify the rules. Since chess is generally thought to be a draw, let's make all positions a draw, everyone's rated 1500.

FIDE Laws of Chess:
"6.9 Except where one of the Articles: 5.1.a, 5.1.b, 5.2.a, 5.2.b, 5.2.c applies, if a player does not complete the prescribed number of moves in the allotted time, the game is lost by the player. However, the game is drawn, if the position is such that the opponent cannot checkmate the player’s king by any possible series of legal moves."

Haha okay :) was just trying understand thats all but i know on other sites a draw :)

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