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Hoy en día surge una gran polémica en cuanto a las plataformas virtuales de ajedrez.

Hay una gran disputa entre varias de ellas, pero principalmente entre: y

A motivo de sugerencia solo quería agregar que en se puede implementar el panel en donde se destaque la cantidad de puntos que se suman o restan, tras una partida por puntos.

En verdad son varias las similitudes y diferencias, pero no entrarían en todo el foro.

Muchas gracias.

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Today a great controversy arises regarding virtual chess platforms.

There is a big dispute between several of them, but mainly between: and

As a suggestion, I just wanted to add that in you can implement the panel that highlights the number of points that are added or subtracted, after a game by points.

In truth there are several similarities and differences, but they would not enter in the entire forum.

Thank you very much.


Concuerdo con ambos. Me gustaría, que se implemente dicha función.

I agree with both. I would like this function to be implemented.

.com = commercial, li = free

I use both, but Lichess is by far the superior platform, which is why I'm barely active over at chesscom. The reason why Lichess is superior is because it's non-profit and open source (GPLv3). Chesscom is proprietary crapware.

@EliasAlucard both for-profit proprietary both non-profit open source can be awesome or crapware.
What really counts are the people behind them.