Lichess:2000 Points to Fide

i guess 2000 bullet player is about 1750-1850 fide
just show me 2000 bullet player who is less than 1600

bullet isn't really THAT predictive for low ratings (I think). And even 2000 bullet could be anything from 1500-2300 or whatever.

Blitz should be the far better estimator for a broad range of ratings (the best from all the ratings on this site!?) Same for rapid ratings with some adjustments. For an even better estimate you probably need an additional evaluation source outside of online ratings.

Yep blitz is Definetely better for estimation, but i just can't focus. i am opening other websites and things like that. i can play over the board for 30-60 minutes but here i only like playing bullet. just turn music on and it feels really nice, also i played rapid games but one or two guys were cheaters so if i want to lose to a computer, i can do it by myself.

I doubt that you will find many 2000 bullet players with FIDE ratings below 1800.

Many masters are rated something like 2250 bullet here..

I am rated 2007 FIDE bullet rating (from the FIDE Online Arena) but I guess you are talking of FIDE classical ratings: well I am not rated there but my national rating compares usually to around 2000 classical FIDE, so in my case 2000 lichess bullet = 2000 FIDE.

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