Lichess:2000 Points to Fide

I can’t and don’t want to play bullet because I focus on quality not on speed. I am not sure if I am able to gain 2000 at all.

2000 lichess bullet rating could be anywhere between 1000 and 3000 FIDE classical rating, really.

There is some loose correlation, sure, but not more than that.

You don't try to "convert" shogi rating to classical chess rating either, do you?

how is 2000 lichess bullet 1600? i've seen so many CMs and FMs with 2200 bullet points

Because you are comparing apples and oranges. Bullet and classical OTB chess require different skill sets that only partly overlap, and their ratings compare different player pools that also only partly overlap.

Bullet is a short distance sprint. Classical is an hours long marathon. If you line up the World's best marathon runners and let them compete in a 100m sprint, you will get vastly different times, too. Some might be good at it. Some might only be average. (None of them will completely suck, though, presumably)

What @ProfDrHack writes is correct, of course, since bullet and classical involve somewhat different skills.

But I think s/he paints the issue in too broad strokes: Short and Long time control skills are associated. The correlation between the two is not "loose", it is in fact quite strong.

Here's a plot of bullet against classical ratings for 41,000 Lichess players with at least 40 bullet and 40 classical games played:

according to Nakamura Bullet is not chess!So..
However, statistics are always welcome and something to encourage.

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