Lichess vs real chessboard


Your 'rule #12' reminds me of a friend who would touch every piece before making a final move.
He was a master of distraction.

I can't count the number of games where he magically wound up with 2 bishops on the same colour and would then proclaim, "When did that happen?" as he started moving pieces around saying, "I think this was here and that was there," where he would finally declare a "mistrial" and then ask if we should start over.

the using one hand sounds elitist and ableist. Just does not seem fair to me to penalise people who think differently than others, same with the touch piece rule. It all very much feels like a means to intimidate others out of some kind of private elite club.

Played my first OTB tournament last weekend, I can safely say the board doesn't make much difference.

But a lot of things did have an affect:

1)Time control that I wasn't used to.

While playing a 90min+30s my ability to calculate started evaporating, I kept noticing that the moves on my score-sheet kept getting inverted despite my best efforts.

3)Manual Clock
I got the advice from a friend that if you make the first move and the opponent goes into a long think it's because you forgot to press the clock.
So I sat down, played e4, the opponent went into thinking coma, 5 minutes later I noticed I hadn't pressed the clock.
Happened multiple times throughout game and throughout the tournament.


You have to realize that basically EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong OTB, has.

Chess Politics aside.
Rule-stickling aside.
Technicalities aside.
Exploits aside.

Just in terms of BEST INTENTIONS and everyone doing as they should...the amount of issues that must occur are in the 100s.

So they need an evolving rule set that will accommodate for all of these eventualities, and that's exactly what we find.

I've read FIDE rules on touch-move, and it's intense. There has to be, literally, 1000s of hours of continuous contention and complaint behind the reasons for some of those rules.

I remember that 30 years ago when I was used to 2D chess on an AMIGA (Sargon^^) I had some problems when I visited a chess club offline for the first time. It was a strange encounter, 3D looked somewhat „weird“.

I suggest visiting a club a couple of times before entering a real tournament.

Thank you to all , i learned a lot from your comments. Thank you very much

@Sarg0n. 2d 30 yeas ago I'm surprised, then again I was still just a tadpole.

One Christmas as kids my dad got my brother and I a chess/checker set. They seemed like a common gift back then but I hated checkers and loved chess. Unfortunately my father didn't know the game rules as well as he thought. He had no idea that castling was a thing, and the pawn at start knowing you could move two squares he would often move up one follow by a capture second, example: if a piece was on c4 and the e pawn still hadn't moved he would play e2 xd4 as one move up then diagonal. En passant he never knew. After years of playing this way we were in shock when we had to re lean the game. We went to Google then our dad and wanted to know what gives dad why'd you do this? He just shrugged "huh. I didn't know". That was that. We learned and taught him the correct way. At the time Carlson played karjakin we got into competitive chess.

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