Lichess vs real chessboard

Hello all, i have been playing chess on Lichess several months now, now i wanna try real chess game person to person , do you think that the 2d view on Lichess i am used to play will affect my gameplay in any way on real board. Thank you

it really won't matter, in my experience. If you have a view of the board, it doesn't amtter what it's like as long as it works.

I think like Emdryo, you can improve your "real-world-chess" by playing on Lichess, also in the 2D-view. But if you really want to, you can change the view from 2D to 3D by clicking on your profile name and changing the setting.

The 2d versus 3d board view is a minor difference. More important are the mechanics of moving a piece - be aware of the touch-move rule. If you only played online so far, you might be tempted to pick up a piece and hover it tentatively over a potential target square, like on the screen. Resist the temptation, if you touch a piece, it has to be moved (if a legal move is possible).

going from 2d to 3d can be a real struggle . For me its much easier calculating on 2d boards since that is what i am used to while on real chessboards i basically have to imagine the board in my mind. I dont know how this is for other people but dont be surprised if you play worse Otb at first.

1) If you're going to play OTB, you might as well start writing your moves.
Then import them on lichess to get them analyzed or simply to save your OTB games.
2) If you're going to use a clock, you must wait until your opponent presses their clock to play your move.
You must only use one hand and with that hand you move a piece and press the clock. Chess is played with one hand not two. One hand to castle, promote a pawn & capture pieces. If you use two hands you are breaking the rules.
3) You must arrive on time to play your tournament match. If your late in some tournaments, you lose the game.
4) OTB Hygiene is important. Don't eat something noisy that will distract your opponent. Sticky greasy fingers is not great on a keyboard, and it's even less wanted with real chess pieces.
5) Some players play at 14h00 in the park. Others play in a club at 19h00. Find the location where players play in your area and discover their time schedule.


6) And don't pick your nose and then roll it around in your fingers, as your opponent tries to ignore your disgusting ways, while simultaneously trying to find the best move.

Not to call any names...

<coughWesley Socough>


7) Some need to pile two chairs high to get a better view of the chessboard or to get something similar to looking at a screen.
8) On a screen pieces are clearly visible and not crowding the square. OTB if the pieces are not the correct size, they will crowd the chessboard of even tend to hide behind another piece.
9) The weight of the pieces are different.
10) Mouse slips don't happen OTB, but pieces fall over so you need to remember where the pieces are.
11) OTB chess pieces are not always well placed on the squares. Some do it on purpose to get the opponent to touch a piece in hope that they don't say " j'adoube ".
12) Move a piece like a Bishop and discover that you have 2 bishops on the same color.
13) Miss place the knight and capture a piece that was not possible to capture.
14) Castling rule abused, by castling when your not allowed to. On computer the move is not possible to do, but OTB some might cheat accidentally.

When I first started online chess I used the 3d board but after watching a thousand chess streams/videos I switched to 2d. I've played enough of both now it's comfortable either way.

It will make a big difference. That's what Former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov said.