Lichess says I am rated 800, can anyone kindly help me improve?

Re-learn elementary tactics, elementary checkmate, elementary endings.Train your brain to use a good thinking process.
Have a goal : playing your first tournament before the end of the year !
Well, next year if you want !

I think the most important thing is to stay positive and treat every mistake as a lesson, don't be too upset if you make a blunder and lost the game, stay optimistic and learn from it is the best way to keep enjoying chess.

Maybe bridge is a better game for you, failing that, try checkers...

@wolfs-sleeve Can you be anymore condescending? You act as though his rating reflects his potential, it does not.Keep your comments to yourself.

OP good luck with your chess! I recommend watching higher rated players play; John Bartholomew has a chess fundamental series on Youtube, you learn quite a lot from those videos.


You should get your vocabulary an upgrade... Before you tell some one to be quiet...

I was being honest... Your own comments are closer to being condescending than mine... In my experience a person rated 800 barely knows one piece from the other...

@wolfs-sleeve Your insecurity is showing. Your first comment offered nothing of value, and you know it. You aren't fooling anybody dude. Honestly, do you really believe your comment isn't uncalled for?

Well, Bayabas423 has a provisional rate of 1688 in Rapid, I'd say he knows his onions. A good thing that comes with age, to the lucky ones, is wisdom. Some have it, some never will. Getting better at chess is something we all went through so far, getting better in life is harder as it means you have to get better in so many things as time goes by. Some will never pass the mediocre level at it, of course they can always try to play bridge or checkers instead, no idea if it works though.