Lichess says I am rated 800, can anyone kindly help me improve?

“Don’t play bullet” really means “I’m slow”, and doesn’t address the question of how to get better.

Solve tactics, watch youtube videos of some openings you like, read a chess book or two. Go over your games after they are done. Not complicated.

It is never too late to learn the wisdom of chess. All you have to do is make time. Train in tactics, in solving the problems of lichess. Analyze the parties of the masters, follow their thoughts, plans of the game. Disassemble your own party for errors. Your game will soon become more solid, meaningful. Read chess books, they will expand your horizons and facilitate the work on chess Luggage. Try to play with equal opponents or a little stronger. And from defeats learn lessons. If you find the analysis as interesting as the game itself then it is easier for you to improve in chess. Create a Studio where you will save instructive parties. During 2019 your rating will be around 1600-1700 and will aim up to 1900-2000 at this level should freeze. To leave it above means to become the solid player applying for a title.

Thank you all for the kind words and positive encouragements. Yes, I am a complete newbie, I stopped playing game before there was algebraic notation even. But, like someone pointed out, I believe I know my onions at least. Lichess is a good platform to refresh my chess experience.

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