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What do you think is the difference between Lichess rating and standard FIDE rating?

Since I've never played OTB, I can hardly compare.

There is no accurate way to convert ratings from one system to another. Also ratings are often not often very accurate. I have come across players rated like 1700 that play like a 2200 and vice versa.

Why are people so obsessed with this question?

Lichess is overrated, as simple as that.

Do you also find it strange that people want to do well and improve at chess? Because asking this question is the same as asking why are people "so obsessed" about playing well. So therefor we need a meaningful way to measure our performance.
FIDE ratings are the most solid and well established benchmark of chess ability that exist so of course of course of course that's what people, myself included, are going to want to compare it to. What about that don't you understand?

what perplexes me is why Lichess admins are so insistent in making Lichess ratingsdiffer by such a wide margin from FIDE ratings when it should be a fairly simple matter to put them closer in line.

Why should they? The ratings are just meant as a pairing tool. Players can watch whether they play well or awful. If I loose 100 points in one day, I know it's not one of my better days. And then it doesn't matter if I drop from 2300-2200 or 1300-1200.

The Lichess ratings measure your performance on Lichess, and that's all they are meant to do. I played on a few sites, with different rating systems, and none of them came even close to my official OTB rating I used to have.

These fide-rating obsessed people can be compared to people think the metric system is the only true system of measurement.

No, i dont care how many centimeters tall i am or how many kilograms i weigh. Why would that ever matter? I am not in europe or anywhere else that uses the metric system. I am in America.

In the same way, why should i care about my fide rating? I don't play fide-rated games.

I will never understand people and their dumb obsessions.

Different rating systems (ELO vs Glicko-2), different sets of players, different time controls.

Why do people expect FIDE ratings and Lichess ratings to be comparable?

@Abigail-III asked "Why do people expect FIDE ratings and Lichess ratings to be comparable? "

One part of the answer is, that many rating systems look very similar to the FIDE system. In these systems a value of 1500 is average, 1000 is bad, >2000 is good.

This is not necessary. Look at the english ECF system, AFAIK no one has ever thought, that equal numbers mean equal strength.

I have to assume, that the operators of most internet chess servers want their rating system be mistaklable for the FIDE system.

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