Lichess patron icon

If you only donate $5 once do you only get the patron icon for a month or does it stay forever?

I got it recently, I can highly recommend it! Your opponents see the fierce wing next to your user name and blunder in the opening or just resign on the spot. (;

Jokes aside, I think everyone who plays here regularly and can afford it should get one, in my opinion. Lichess is so great because it's a free-for-all, including extra functions such as studies or analysis. You are not barred from cutting edge online chess because you are a poor student or don't earn a lot.

To keep it that way, those who can do so easily need to chip in. Where I live, 10$ buys me 2-3 cups of coffee. Is my Lichess experience worth two cups of coffee per month? Definitely.


I have a recommendation for lichess regarding the wing symbol which shows that someone is a patron.

I have to admit that this wing looks pretty cool. But I think that you can improve this.

We all know that angels have 2 wings !

Therefore I suggest that it should also be possible to get two lichess wings.
The wing on the left side and a wing on the right side, which must be the mirror image of the left side wing.

How to get the second wing ?

1. Make 2 lifetime donations worth 500$ in total
2. Replace your unofficial lichess master title LM with the second wing.

We don't sell advantages. Patrons get the same wing, whether they donated $1 or $500. We do not discriminate on wealth.

Lichess is the best chess website due to no discrimination.

Free for all.

God bless you

Lichess is the best chess site ever! I simply love it. You guys do a great job! :)

I have a doubt: if I donate monthly a value lower than $5.0, do I get the patron icon as well?

I "only" donate 3 dollars a month, which is what I was roughly paying for

I still get the wing though!