Lichess patron icon

@Bishop1964 For what its worth (two wings?)...I have made two lifetime donations. I was the second person at lichess to make the first of the lifetime donations. I remember Thibault telling me "thankyou sir" for making the donation. The initial amount for a lifetime donation was 200.00...(I got a bargain!) I fully support this great site. :]

@thibault Here's an idea: what if you get one wing (the current one) for donating and another on the other side if you are a LM (you'd get it even if you didn't donate, you just have to be LM)

Im still rooting to get the patron logo. But I don't have paypal or credit card. Poor me, I do only have a mastercard which is prepaid card only. Can I somehow use ? I'll give it a try one way or another.

Are all the patrons suppose to be listed on the Patron thank you page? I don't see my name there, maybe put them in alphabetical order.

We don't list all the patrons, only the most recent ones. There are too many to show them all <3


I don't believe lichess give's out the LM title any longer.

Not sure when they stopped.

I think they did that is why there are so less people with the LM title