Is personal coach worth it?

My goal is to get 2000 elo on lichess, in blitz and rapid chess , so i was thinking about is personal coach worth the money? Or i can get there on my own?

I am 27 y/o.

You can do it. I believe in you.

The information to get there is definitely available for free if you put in the work to read and search. A coach will be able to target your weaknesses and shape your practice better, which may help you improve faster if you have a good coach. But a coach is definitely not necessary to reach that level.

hope this helps

2000 blitz is much harder than 2000 rapid or classical
Either you can get there on your own or you cannot get there at all.
You are now rated 1263. A normal progress is about 100/year, maybe faster first and slower later. So it will take you 7 years if you get there at all.

Free coaching:
Forget blitz and bullet for now: play rapid and classical only.
Preferably play with increment.
Use all the time allowed by the time control.
Analyse all of your lost games thoroughly so as to learn from your mistakes.
Activate move confirmation in your profile: think about your move, play it, check it is no blunder, confirm.
Train tactics.
Study endgames.

100 a year?! thats insane he is 1200 not 2200 cmon now, more than possible to get 2000 in a single year...

Coaches are somewhat overrated. They can adjust a bit but they alone won’t make you several classes better.

Coaching is worth the effort *you* put in to it. So if you're up for putting in real focused study time, a coach can help you study the right things. However, coaching alone is a waste of time - you get back based on how much you put in.

I have found coaching has helped my play immensely, but you have to come prepared to each lesson, and that takes diligent work (not playing games) in between. YMMV.

@mantis33 , I got from where you are to where I am now on my main account, @chessmathnerd , all in just over a year. @tpr , it is definitely possible, especially at the lower levels, to make much more than 100 points per year progress. I had someone tell me that long ago, but it is just not true, at least not for those who try.

i've never had a coach, exactly, but i've had advice from guys who are expert players and coaches. it's generally ok, but not worth much. guys would rather play chess than teach. many only teach for extra dough. their advice is usually not tailored to you, they just spout chess theory. which you can get from anywhere else, for free. u no, young phish, back in the day, we only had a few chess books, no computers, but chess magazines and clubs. now, you got free video lessons, free computer analysis, free video streaming, free puzzles, .........oh, and you can play in tournaments or players on line 24/7.

and you need a coach? i don't think so, not unless you can toss money away or have parents who will.

I studied endings and games by botvinnik, Capablanca and Fischer and got to 2000 in 4 years.
Tips i can give you:
-Tactics!!! They will occure in all of your games. It's best to buy a tactic book and work yourself through. I used the Stappenheft and it worked very well for me.
-Strategy: Analyse games by Botvinnik, Petrosian and Capablanca. Fischer's games work aswell, but he played much less relatable (complex positions, stunning combinations, how to attack) for a study of strategy.
-How to attack: I struggled with this most. Analysing games from Fischer, Alekhine, Morphy and masters from the Romantic era.
-Endings!!!! Most important! It teaches you how to use the pieces, pawns and King's (and chess in general). Even drawn endings are completely winable for the side with greater knowledge or will to win.
-Openings: Doesn't matter a lot as long as you survive it and get into the middlegame. I would suggest to choose solid openings over crazy or sharp ones. Queen's gambit for white and Caro-Kann/Nimzo indian for Black is good enough. A serious study is superflous, as your opponents won't play theory anyway.

How to analyse master games: Ask after EVERY move (except for recaptures): Why did they do this move? It can be a simple piece improvement or a preparation for a brilliant combination or attack: you want to find out what and how.

I never had a personal trainer. I went to a local chessclub and trained/played with two stronger players. I think in order to get better, playing with stronger opponents is the best way. They beat you and you learn why.