Is anyone interested in playing chess drunk?

I like to play chess drunk so I made a site called drunkchess. I'm considering developing it. I wanted to get your thoughts on if it sounds like something you'd be interested in
Obviously this is not a substitute for the grand lichess and the intention is completely different - it'll be something half-serious half-comical
Might use lichess code from github under their license

I find it can work just as well to make an alt specifically for when intoxicated and just have it calibrate to your skill in such a state without messing up your proper stats, so I wouldn't use it personally, but can't speak for others.

If you mean Lichess stats, Drunk Chess won't have any connection to it in any way

But what happens if someone who is not drunk participated in it. The result would be sad...

yeah thats the problem. Not all will be drunk on there.

If someone plays when they are just "tipsy", is it a form of cheating?

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