Info for a newbie green horn.

I am new to chess and looking for some competitition without getting slaughtere and humiliated. Any suggestions besides F O newbie?

Welcome to the club Chuck.. you will get slaughtered and humiliated but you will also get the chance to do the same sometimes... just enjoy the games you produce

That YT channel chessnetwork series is very helpful. I am very low scored too, play against me sometime. I will follow you and hope we can get a few games in 2moro maybe.

General advice:

The way to improve your chess game is to play and lose then study the game to figure out why you lost.

Every lost game is a lesson, every lesson learned improves your chess skill in some small way.

Specific advice: Find a buddy who plays about your level, learn together.

Thanks for all the advice. There are many people here who I have already had my ass kicked by. Sooner or later I should start seeing the board more clearly.

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