i found a game how was it a win?

Its secretly antichess!

In all seriousness, yeh it should be declared a draw but I do not think lichess can implement such a code, so hence it was timeout and a loss.

Just my thought however,
Thank you

i was about to post "mate is possible"
then I realized what is going on
why not agree to draw on move one?

Yes according to the FIDE rules this is what's known as a dead position because checkmate is not possible through any sequence of moves. And dead positions are draws. The reason it's not a draw on lichess is because it would be hard to code accurately for all these types of situations. They do have draws by insufficient material, but not for dead positions.

@ARYAMANPANDEY12 said in #1:
> how is it a win i think it should be declared a draw

It is draw but if you play many moves Stockfish 8 will start playing faster

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