How to connect an DGT, E board to a Flutter and Firebase App(Broadcasting)

I need a little help understanding how i can code a flutter app in order to ensure that it connects to a remote chess board thus allowing broadcasting basically!
Is it being a mobile app, a hard requirement? And is the goal to broadcast on Lichess? If you can use a laptop instead, you pretty much can have what you need already. As you simply need a local PGN folder for Lichess.

There is no standard way to connect to a chess board, so I think you either need the manufactures software, reverse engineering or a "homemade" board that is open source.
Lichess hasn't fully integrated into using flutter and firebase... So most Def no until the dev has done his job... I wanted to work on an app that simply broadcasts games and see how cool it can become but since I haven't aligned myself with how the dgt board works this is abit hard...

But from your explanation I'm guessing I have to find a way to load real time pgns into a chess board yeah?
I will give you an update on the API strategy later today... I'm sure I'm just missing 1 or 2 things via requesting