How Did You Find Lichess?

Guess I might as well tell my lichess tale.

I ran into a former team-mate (high school competition) years later at the local library. He made sure to tell me the name of the site several times, and confirm that I had the spelling right. :)

I found this site when i was 8 played like 100 anonymous games and then fell in love with it. For some reason when i looked up "online chess" i went to lichess instead of, probably because you needed an account to play on and at the moment i wasn't interested in making an account. Four years and 20,000 games later, lichess is still by far my favorite chess site 😀

I was on Instagram chatting with a friend who plays chess but we actually never played, so he told me there was a site where you can play without downloading an app, and he sent me a link where we both played in anonymous I think, and that's how I found Lichess. After that game we played like 2 or 3 more but never enter Lichess after some months, I started playing on because I like the idea of online chess, and 8 or 9 months ago I switched definitively to Lichess.

I found the game and this one of my first games I ever play of chess, I think I was white

I first heard of Lichess a few weeks ago. It was on my computer science class. My teacher showed us on how chess could be helpful to us in life, I don't know the rest of it, but something like that. It was a chess day, and I notice he had a link on chess, which was this site. I checked it out, and found it okay. I'm not that good at chess, but it's nice that i found this site.

anyone remember way way back when kasparov had a chess site like , i sucked back then so id go from there, to pogo , and sometimes yahoo, then years later i went to fics, then, then lichess way back before and back to fics, now im stuck here... I really enjoyed fics especially the lessons they had.. some really stuck with me... i even played on chesstempo but the user strength is kinda low in comparison to here, tried chessbase and i didnt like it... chess24 looks like a spinoff... i really hate because of the layout ads and that damn danny rensch

I remember reading a long long time ago that was far superior to But I never played chess much, so I didn't really care. Then a few years later I discovered my friend was 2300 here. I was like "what on earth have I been missing out on". So I finally decided to play two years ago and dang, lichess is THE best around.

I was drawn to lichess a few years ago. I had been watching John Bartholomew’s “Hourly Bullet Arena” videos and was intrigued by the Arena format. I also liked that it had a lot of variants (Horde was especially fun since it was different, Racing Kings hadn’t been invented at the time). I mostly play on lichess nowadays, but I still enjoy playing blitz on ICC.

I came to Lichess when a friend on (that was where my mum had taught me to play chess as a child) said he also played on Lichess. So I tried lichess, and it was way, way better than

@dooeyDecimal Dooey what was wrong with babachess? The board design and sounds were pretty cool, and they even had the famous speckengine. Even the name speckengine is awesome till you discover its the last name of the creator.

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