Fischer nickname

So i was looking at some nicknames for some top players, like "Iron" Tigran Petrosian and such, and i was wondering if Robert James Fischer ever got a nickname like it?
here's a link if you want to look at some other nicknames.

Are you serious???
Google internet start.

I would say "Uncut" would be a good nickname for him. He made a serious point of letting people know that fact.

@Sarg0n yeah but Bobby, or Bob, is a common nickname for Robert. I guess it could be his "Chess Nickname"
@lurarose freaking legend you are damn.

Like Sarg0n said...Fischer was referred to as "Bobby" We were all waiting to see if "Bobby" was going to show up to play Spassky. If you read my post in the current thread on... Is chess a sport? I said "Bobby liked to go bowling to keep in shape for chess." I'm not aware of any other name...maybe the Brooklyn kid. :]

how about jerk? and he's my favorite the first guy to demand big money for a...chess tournament.... everyone else --- was playing for chump change... the, bobby, actually retired twice, if my memory serves.... he was fed up with the cheating (gamesmanship), lack of money, poor playing conditions, etc.... he was so far ahead of his time, it wasn't funny, and i'm not even talking about his chess. but ---- i mean, he was a jerk as a person. it's well documented... did he ever pay lombardy for being his second???? i mean, a substantial, not a token, figure? not that i heard of..... even golfers get into trouble if they stiff their caddy.

@MightyMouse27 i just think he's a jerk. i don't see how anyone who has followed his life can think he was a wonderful guy --- jeezus....... but i have no problem w him being a jerk --- he's my favorite player, a revolutionary player --- utterly brilliant. i think all the current players, earning the money they earn (the top 100, maybe) ------- they owe fischer a debt. he's the one who fought for, and got, tons of prize money. i think he got a quarter million for the `1972 championship???? i'd expect the original fee was..... $25,000? pathetic!!! fischer forced them to up the money, and that has carried over to now.

only he could've done that. he put professionalism in chess. just my opinion. gotta be worth at least........3 cents. sorry to go on a soapbox.