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  3. Fianchettos are too powerful

For real. It overwhelms me having to think about threats coming from the other side of the board. If my opponents fianchettos both bishops, I feel like I should just resign.

I cant figure out how to use fianchettos though. Because then I end up overwhelming myself because I have to remember that I have a piece on one side of the board that can be used to attack the other!

I feel like it is kind of a cheap tactic of confusion to use long diagonals like that, even with a queen. I dont know if there is a solution to improve from here.


Of course fianchetto is powerful, but it takes two moves to develop the bishop and it creates a weakness, especially if the opponent manages to trade of the fianchetto bishop, when the squares of the gone bishop stay weak..


keep playing and it slowly begin to be less baffling

Fianchetto are the basis of modern dynamic play. Latent dynamism!

Don't worry, I think they are going to be nerfed in the DLC.

@PolarCow lol

PolarCow wins this thread.

for real! I think they should be nerfed.

i think they need a small buff.they are very weak in closed positions

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