ethical vs unethical

The chess community needs to strive for more fair and honest play

He means that the chess community needs to strive for more fair and honest play

You probably mean flagging and cheap bullet tricks. That bothers me as well, but it's all part of faster time controls and you can always choose to play longer games where such things happen less frequently.

You mean your idea of fairplay?

But be careful: don’t come up with time play, rematches, takebacks... we cannot stand.


The mantra for 2019 is "Be the Change That You Want to See."

This will help produce the effect that you, and a large community of good-mannered and generally quiet people, want to see happen.


Be kind and cordial at the board, be kind and cordial in the forums, and your example will strengthen all of the like-minded and also help towards setting a precedent and protocol.

Good behaviour, like bad behaviour, is contagious.

Nothing wrong with long as lichess doesn't go full social justice, and players demand their safe spaces, everything is fine. If people are too fragile and hyper-sensitive that they are triggered by a cheap trick in a bullet game they need help. To toughen up is part of being an adult imho.

It's not even anything to do with being an adult, its just an online game for god sakes.

ye peps should be eficle or else they bad

i be the change i want see in welrd