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  3. Country in the player profile.

Country in the player profile.

Is it possible to make an "international" with the UN flag for selection? There are people who do not consider themselves to be a single country, but consider themselves to humanity as a whole. Is it possible for them to do this?

If you feel no need to be identified with a country, just leave the flag?

I identify myself with the whole world, with all of humanity and I would like to emphasize this.
And if I just do not choose the flag in my profile, it means that I just did not choose the flag.

Why not leave it blank like a lot of people do? You only like certain labels?

Where do you live? I promise I wont tell anyone.
I want to remind people that we are all brothers and sisters, that we are humanity. Obviously, an empty profile does not do this. And the "international" flag, for example the UN flag, does it.

Highly doubt a mere "UN" flag would invoke feelings of unity.

Better to ask for a heart shaped Earth.

If we must have a "UN" flag, make an anti-UN flag while you're at it, oh and a black flag as well.

I agree.

My advice is to simply to be respectful of other players by your actions. No need to request a UN flag.

Using the UN flag is common practice. Oh well. Let's say I want to say that I'm from the planet earth. I am human. I do not recognize the artificial division into countries and nations. How should I proceed? Which flag should I use? Why do not I have this opportunity?

I appreciate your recognition that everyone is equal, but, you're beginning to come across as one of those "generation snowflakes".

Lichess has better things to do than cater to someones irrelevant subjective needs. TRY to live without it, friend.

I totally understand, that happened to me as well, but it is just because I'm an alien, I gently ask the programmers to add a flag of some other galaxies and worlds as well, I feel kinda discriminated here.