Claiming Draw with rook v rook ending

I rather find it a bit unfair being timed out/ being forced to blunder at this late stage of the game because the opponent doesnt seem to want to accept a draw when it clearly is.

As lichess declares draw when insufitient material is found, i recommend lichess also declaring draw in an obvious situation as rook v rook after 5-6 moves (nontheless there are obviously some situations that lead to the loss of a rook from one side, meaning the victory of the other)

But the fact that the only thing the opponent cares is gaining elo without having a fair fight is what actually pisses me off. I guess thats just one disadvantage from online chess and im able to get on with it when a missclick happens, but not when you put up a fair fight and then lose in an obviously drawing position.

I don't agree with you. I don't think it is an unfair fight. It is not something about online chess either. It might happen in an OTB blitz game too. Also, there is a fifty move rule.
Time is an important factor in chess. If your opponent reached the same position spending less time than you, it means they performed somewhat better than you.
I am totally against this recommendation.

Solution to the problem: play with increment.

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