Chess solved

will chess be solved!? with the engines and computers coming over the months it seems will be solved within the next 10-15 years. not very shocking if something earlier too

In the next 10 or 20 years we will have a 8–man TB. So we will be lucky if we see a 9–10 man TB during our lifetime.

Actually, I think there will be no hard solution in next decades. We already have a soft one, no man does stand a chance against the machines.

PS: there‘s no hard evidence that the basic position a Queen up is a win...

i knew that but i had never heard of "man" before that so i thought some new "TB" had come up.meh

During an interview at Google in 2010 Garry Kasparov said that "maybe" the limit will be 8 pieces. Because the start position of the chess is ultimate endgame of 32 pieces, he claimed that there is no chance that chess can be solved by the computers

i dont understand the 8 piece or man TB thing.

TB = (hard) solution

All 7–man positions are solved. Result, distance–to–mate and so on. It took say one decade to upgrade from 6 to 7 pieces, probably 1000x more data points.

AFAIK, classical computers cannot solve chess as a 32 piece TB would be so large that if every atom in the universe were used to somehow contain a position and it's win/draw/loss state for side to move, we would still be many positions short. Maybe if sub-atomic particles could be used in this way there would be enough "space" to store all positions, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Maybe it won't happen at all.