Chess diary for machine learner for dating for fun

Pomodoro technique
15 minutes practice
15 minutes break

Boxer are better than briefs
Benefits of fresh air
Benefits of standing up and moving all day
Puzzles uses both sides of the brain
Use earphones the opposite way to put them on your ears like right ear buds to left ear and left ear buds to right ear
You don't have to play chess you need to solve the chess puzzle
Word puzzle
Rejection makes you stronger thus study because of common sense
hard subjects and zeigarnik effect

Aircon tips and tricks
Dry function is for rainy country/rainy season
Fan function is for coldest country/Baguio City
Cool function is for deserted country/Bulacan city

Tips n tricks
Marry a foreigner who is in your timezone
Long distant relationship with locals
Because of common sense