Forum Etiquette

The forum is a great place to discuss topics of interest with your fellow chess players. However, sometimes moderators have to take action, such as closing or deleting a thread. In order to avoid your post or thread being closed or deleted, we encourage you to follow these guidelines.

A descriptive title

✅ A descriptive title: "Tournaments Feature Request: Variant = From position"

❌ "Help" , "Bug", "bye bye" , "bullet" , "play"

Advertising and spam

Posts that are purely promotional are not welcome in the forum. We ask that you keep all advertisements outside of Lichess. This includes asking others to join your team or tournament, or check out your YouTube channel.

✅ Click on the Report-Button in the right corner of the post if you think someone is advertising in the forum. Moderators delete posts/threads that advertise and take appropriate action towards the user

❌ Don't make threads for: "follow me", " join my team", "join my simul", "subscribe plz"
❌ Don't make posts that encourage spam: "How many likes can this post get"
❌ Don't reply to the thread, giving it more attention

Correct sub-forum

On Lichess, there are four sub-forums. Threads which are posted in the wrong forum will get closed by moderators. If you want to discuss your favorite pasta dish, use the Off-Topic forum and not the one dedicated to General Chess topics. Share your own game in Game Analysis and report bugs in Lichess Feedback.

Respect other players

✅ Carefully explain your point of view, or direct players to the appropriate FAQ section
✅ Click on the Report-Button in the right corner of the post if you think someone is being offensive, trolling or spamming in the forum

❌ Do not use swear words directed at players like "f*** you" and similar phrases, or general insults like "you are an idiot", "looooser" or "noob"
❌ Do not engage in arguments that devolve into insult contests

Public Shaming

✅ Use if you think someone might have cheated or anything else reportable

❌ "is ... a cheater?", " an idiot", " a noob, " a loser"