Burning Out

I have been playing chess for 11 months and a day now. I have improved very steadily, even placed top 9 per cent on classic here on lichess, but i fell a solid regression. I started to suck at bullet, and the more i lose, the worse i tend to become. I started to feel like i was playing without calculating and making random intuitive moves at this point, so what should I do?

I wouldn't feel too badly. Try to think of activities that would improve your conditioning, like meditation good diet and exercise. Sometimes it helps to "synchronize" your life with chess.

You will see many beautiful connections. Wishing you all the best friend

@Kingz94 What do you mean synchronize life with chess?

Regardless, take breaks and if you lose 3-4 times in a row, I just quit and come back the next day. Don't let the tilt get to you.

Stay away from bullet and blitz.
Play classical and rapid only.
Whenever you lose a game, stop and analyse it to learn from your loss.

Bullet it a whole different beast. Top 9% in any variant on this site is awesome.
I've had times where I feel that I'm over chess. Then I have a few days off come back and feel that enjoyment again that only chess can provide.
Sometimes you have a bad run of losses and think you're an idiot. But hey, what good is chess if not to keep our ego's in check ;)

I would advice you to stop playing rapid games and start studying chess.

I mean enjoy life and start to look some games of GM or world champions ... just play one or 2 games a day with at least 10 minutes per game. Seeing awesome games will bring you new ideas to try in your own games

Burn-out is a myth. Stop becoming a creator of excellent excuses.

If you don’t want to improve go on with bullet.

Top 9% classical with only 11 rated games played... it's too early to determine your classical strength. As for bullet, it takes practice.

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