book suggestions about weak pawns and weak square(s)

Hi all,

There are books about only one theme like:

"Open Files" by Wolfgang Uhlmann & Gerhard Schmidt
"Isolani Strategy - Strengths and Weaknesses of the Isolated Queen's Pawn" by Beliavsky, Alexander & Mikhalchischin, Adrian

I would like book suggestions about "Weak Pawns" and / or "Weak Square(s)"

"weak squares are squares that cannot be protected by pawns" This is pretty simple, by an old guy (silly guy lol) like me need many examples, I need understand how explore, etc.. preferably using the woodpecker learning method ;)

I know... An adult like me with a normal intelligence can perfectly understand, I would say, any positional and tactical strategic concept or theme.

But understanding what to do is not enough. I like to make an analogy with nutrition. Any normal person knows what healthy foods are, but that doesn't stop them from eating fast food (trash food), harming their health, etc. WHY?

What I do know is that a mechanical way to get around this situation is by overplaying good habits. Force the brain to see, explore, judge, create, weak pawn (s) / square (s). Modify the mindset, something like NLP, install a mental program on the strategic theme that is not being explored ... And my guess is: by reading a book with 30 examples - instead 2 examples in a isolated chapter - is going to that direction...

Have you checked out silmans reassess your chess (I have 4th edition)? A lot of good positional ideas there (and a chapter on weak squares too) and the book is geared towards beginners so there are nice clear examples

"Kunst der Bauernführung" by Hans Kmoch
The english Edition is "Pawn Power in Chess". Nevertheless I recommend the german Edition!

"Isolani Strategy - Strengths and Weaknesses of the Isolated Queen's Pawn" by Beliavsky, Alexander & Mikhalchischin, Adrian
This is a very good book.

Also of course the classic "My System" Aaron Nimzovich is still excellent.

I kknow silman book, but how my post say, I would like a book 'only about weak squares and color complexes'. weak pawns too, but my main problem is about weak squares.. I know each book on strategy have a chapter about weak pawns/squares, but how I did to say, I would like books like "Open Files"... the entire books just about rooks and open files!


" An important thing: once a weak pawn has gone, the square remains weak!"

Is it related to assigning a pawn to its column of origin (can't stray that far, it is the most column-loyal piece):
the king's rook's pawn, for example?

this designation would not only be descriptive of initial position, but statistical positional value, its scope of intervention in the set of all possible games, is that column. In fact, the whole column is weakened, hence its squares, the recently weakened one even more so, for some depth further.

is the following correct:

any square in that column that is weak, after the weak pawn is taken, is going to stay weak, its assigned most probable defender gone. This may not make sense, but if it does: is that why you say a given square holds memory of weakness (has en effect for some depth). perhaps this is trivial.

dismiss this post, if too far fetched. i take full responsibility for not making sense.

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