Shaking Things Up in the Chess960 Titled Arena

Magnus is also king of 960?

This was really interesting, I feel like the games were on average certainly as good as, or better, than in the standard titled. I didn't feel we "Lost" anything. Hope you will repeat the success.

Not surprising that Magnus won, he is the unofficial chess960 world champion after all.
To see chess960 and 2+1 time control was really refreshing and interesting.
I wonder if a blitz time control is something to consider in future, though I understand that most titled players prefer bullet over blitz, especially on a site where bullet is so smooth and clean to play.

It was a sleep worth sacrificing. Looking forward to titled arenas in other variants.

I'd like to see KOTH tournaments in the future. That would be fun too! :))

An excellent tournament. Very enjoyable!
Thank you.

Maybe should reveal the names of the 5 prize winners at least ,
what's the point of anonymous tourney report : "Mystery GM Watneg".