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  3. GM Adam Tukhaev vs LeelaChess

Comments on

Like good old days when masters were giving piece odds to amateurs.

For people who want a way simpler challenge, please try to play a game against my engine (written from scratch). It thinks only one ply ahead (no tree search, no MCTS) without endgame tables and no opening theory. Accepts challenges below 3 mins (preferably 1 min). It runs on CPU from colabs.

@one_ply_ahead have you published a uci engine for it?

@bunkBAIL not yet. It is pretty weak currently.

Naroditsky found it too hard ;)

Indian 1700s are like 2200s. So don't be surprised he lost to one.

Where do you get those patzers from to play Leela.

Where will this be broadcast?

@quincydog GM Tukhaev will be streaming. I will update the blog post