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  3. The Lichess Titled Arena is back Saturday 15th of December

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Always a great event, looking forward to watching it unfold.

Congrats in advance to @DrNykterstein for winning Tilted Arena 9

Go Magnus, go! Crush them all!

Bug Report: LM titled players are not supposed to join the titled arena. Please kick all LM players out of the titled arena as soon as possible!
Only players with legitimate over the board titles should be allowed in. Otherwise, FIDE arena titled players should be also allowed to play in the titled arena.

@hangrad Yes, we are aware of that bug. It will be fixed before the tournament starts.

great news!

Assios, what do you mean by Magnus claiming back the title. He won title 8th. And did he not give the money back as he usually does?

He no won last tournament

@Black-Pieces-Only Magnus was in a bad mood possibly because of a recent break up with his girlfriend or recent chess rating drop. Perhaps now he will donate back the first place prize if he wins this arena. It's obvious that Magnus is in a good mood after winning the world championship match. Here is the proof:

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