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@hangrad Here's a thought: What if people stopped explaining other people's actions based on their own wild assumptions :D

I overheard a friend of a friend say that a friend had a cousin that heard that someone had said that he had to use that money to pay US chess back for leaking the video.

That's what the thread is for. Well done #12! I think the leaked video is worthless and US chess doesn't deserve anything for leaking it. I mean 12 draws! If Magnus had won all classical games, the US chess would have deserved the money. But draws are worthless. Magnus can draw without any leaked video.
The video was fake and it was designed to distract Magnus.
Some say, Fabiano paid $500 to US chess to post the decoy video. But Fabiano shouldn't pay them either because he didn't win any classical games. US chess gets $500 from the player who wins a classical game. The players are too smart: they drew 12 times to avoid paying $500 to US chess for the leaked video.