GM Andrew Tang Wins Lichess Titled Arena 5

Of course Andrew should take the Money.
He's just a student, not a millionaire. He'll be able to use it very well.
I'm happy for him.
Many thanks to the lovely and very generous Magnus Carlsen, who made this possible.


If I could, I would. But I'm only 16 so I can't use Paypall, and my parents would never agree to it anyway, unless it was my own money (of which I have not even a cent)

@AcademicNinja99 you see, making someone explain himself isn't nice or cool. My apologies for doing the same to you!

What Magnus did was extraordinary and should neither be expected or taken for granted.

i thought lichess knew all this players' names and more so the top finishers they should share who is arka and wizard top 3 and 4 respectivily.

I'm sure they know exactly who the players were who finished in 3rd and 4th. Those players probably requested they stay anonymous. I don't see why lichess wouldn't agree with this.

Well, they know (otherwise the players won't have their title) but unless someone gives his consent lichess wouldn't reveal a name. And it looks like a good chunk of the titled players prefer to stay anonymous, so we'll have to bear with it.
On an other note, congrats to @penguingim1 for his win! Brutal to end second in the end though for the Iranian prodigy...
After all it was an amazing event and the tension helped a lot. I'm sure, Carlsen will get back and helps building the prize up for another glorious Arena!

Penguin already said on a previous stream that he won't give the money back. Giving back the money would mean giving the money to a third person not to Lichess. It defies common sense to do that.

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