Blitztactics Haste Opperwezen too strong?

I just went onto and had my daily run

Had a good day with 35 :D

However, once I saw the top score, I felt bummed.


How about you guys? What have you gotten?

@Toadofsky You better hit 30+ lol

How do you guys get so high? Do you get a major bonus from streaks or do mistakes kill you?

Mistakes cost 30 seconds apiece, so you really don't want to make mistakes.

I dunno, sometimes when I'm doing them real fast, it shows like GOOD or somethin in green... Maybe time boost? idk

if one get alot of puzzles right he get extra time the record is now by catask 89 the puzzles are basic compare to puzzle rush so if one get a very good day i think 100 will be broken

Yeah, you can build up a streak and I think every 10 correct moves in a row you get extra time. The longer the streak, the bigger the bonus time. Still, I got 39 and failed two puzzles (one of the at the very end). How do you get over 80? Crazy :D

Opperwezen has new record 93 :). Basically you do want to build up ginormous streaks so that you can gain tons of time every 3-4 puzzles. Once your combo is 150+ you are gaining 30-50 seconds every 10 extra combos (150, 160, 170 etc.) I'm not sure how opperwezen does the puzzles, but generally I try to get combo 100 as fast as possible (around 30-40 puzzles) and then take my time to finish the rest. Without making mistakes 100 is easily doable, but unfortunately it's quite hard as mistakes happen a lot, and also many puzzles have several winning moves which makes it difficult to choose.

By the way I am pretty sure some puzzles are directly lifted from lichess, as I did some puzzles here which I saw were repeated. Since I think lichess creates their own original puzzles, I am not sure how puzzles could have been repeated from here to there.

@catask the person who created that puzzle site used lichess puzzles so that explains why you found some lichess puzzles there