Blitztactics Haste Opperwezen too strong?

Ok, but lichess puzzles are generally engine-checked as far as I know, so I don't understand why there are puzzles where one side starts up a queen?

Do those puzzles repeat themselfs over time?

It's completely beyond me how you can do 80 or 90 of them. Some are basic 1/2-move combos, but others are not trivially easy. I'm slow and far from your strength but still - I really struggle to get over 20 (sic!). Quite depressing, lol.

80 or 90 is insane, unless you have seen most of the puzzles before.

Well, I did some training there and got past 50 even though I managed to mess up my 99 Combo :(
So I think if you get that streak going, its very possible. But to be fair it took me like 2-3 failed attempts to get up to a 100 streak and I failed afterwards way too fast. 57 max, but maybe I can get past 60. Very impressed by anyone going past that^^

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