Any advice on conversion skills?

I have been playing for 1 year now and have obtained a rating here of 1600, so I'm a roughly average player. My conversion skills are extremely poor. Is there any advice you have on that?

Yeah, get experienced! Don’t search for non-existing short-cuts. Just play, analyze, play, analyze.

If you know you have an advantage, especially in endgames, try to break down the conversion into a checklist of what you need to do to win. Take note of what is stopping you and break it down into a plan. It doesn't matter how many moves on a board it makes, just find the plan.

There are a few things that can be done. 1) Firstly, as always, check all possible checks, captures and direct, indirect and future attacks to keep your play tactically sound. 2) Make small improvements strategically ex. Opening and closing the right lines, taking control of important squares etc. 3) Keep everything protected and connected unless u have a good reason not to. 4) Don't expose your king, this can generate counterplay where your extra material shall not matter if you're bout to get checkmated. Ex world champion Anand lost to Najer yesterday as his king was soo exposed that even though it could have been held by an engine, even accurate forcing sequences were too hard for a top10 player to find. 5) Simplify the situation, force trades that are favourable to you. 6) increase your activity while decreasing your opponents activity. 7) Solve your pawn structure problems (undouble pawns etc.) while creating more weaknesses to exploit. 8) If you're merely a pawn up, move the pawn to which the opponent has no counterpart and try to create a passed pawn. 9) Proflaxis and Preparation is needed and should be considered as part of your plan thus even in your candidate moves. 10) Use the principle of two weaknesses - ex. create multiple weaknesses and exploit them by overloading your opponent's defensive units. 11) Generate play based on your passed pawn, if accurate defence is missed, quite often pieces have to get sac'd just to prevent that new queen. 12) Study conversions from master games ex. Converting extra tempi for a mating attacking or converting space advantage to trap pieces etc. Much longer list but hope that helps, also analyze positions with engines for new ideas on how to breakthrough difficult arrangements.

Books are overrated in order to obtain the necessary practical/procedural skills. Praxis means praxis and not reading about praxis.

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