Anton Kovalyov on Round 3

"3. Dress Code for players during games in progress

3.a. The following is acceptable for men players, captains, head of delegation.

Suits, ties, dressy pants, trousers, jeans, long-sleeve or shirt-sleeve dress shirt, dress shirt, alternatively T-shirts or polo, dress shoes, loafers or dressy slip-ons, socks, shoes or sneakers, sport coat, blazer, Bermuda shorts, turtleneck, jacket, vest or sweater. Team uniforms and national costumes clothing."

@MoistvonLipwig Where is that taken from?
At any rate, I am awaiting someone to parse the difference between Bermuda shorts and regular shorts.

IMO the key thing here is that it was handled in an agressive manner with racial slurs. The proper way to handle this would have been a polite request after the game.

Your quote is not specific to the event. It is a guideline made for FIDE events. Agreed, there was nothing in writing specifically about shorts for this event. Read the contractual agreement. It is very vague. Pretty much leaves it up to the discretion of the Organizers, who for this event, in the "High Class Hotel" did not approve. So you disagree. So by technicality he was in the "right".

SO WHAT ! Don't be a spoiled brat shouting absurd charges of discrimination. That was not the intent. Grow up. Be a man and make life simple. Quit crying about how unfair the world is. (Comments directed at Kovalyov.)

It literally says above that
1 Events regulated by the Dress Code
1.a World Events for Adult Players (over 21 years old)
! ! World Championship Match
! ! Candidates Tournament
! ! Women's World Championship Match
! ! Chess Olympiad
! ! World Team Championship
! ! Women's World Team Championship
! ! World Cup

But ok, when we play I'll steal your rook. And don't cry about how unfair that is... instead grow up etc etc.

Kovalyov was the aggressor. All the facts will come out. He immediately refused any cooperation with the original arbitor about changing. The arbiter wanted to "work with him" and allow in to play yesterday. Kovalyov claimed he was told "shorts" were ok at the event 2 years ago and was not going to wear pants for this event. He then insisted he should have the White pieces, making the arbiter show him on the computer the pairing. He kept refusing to cooperate, saying the arbiter was wrong.
He was looking for a fight and wound up on the short end.

It seems our resident troll has realized the organizers were both in the wrong and acting in an arbitrary manner and is now falling back on the "he should take it as a man" line. How easy it is so moralize when unfairness is done to someone else!.
I do wonder if this manliness extend to ignoring racial slurs or are we to pretend that didn't happen?

BTW. it sounds immensely reasonable that Kovalyov, after beating Anand against all odds, should now do his best to be thrown out the tournament. Very reasonable. I bet his entire goal of being a GM is to travel around tournaments and find ways to be thrown out.

Zurab may be all the nasty things claimed.

Does this justify Kovalyov's childish response of taking his things and going home?

Apparently he couldn't handle it and simply wanted out. A more mature, professional chess player would have reacted and treated any mistreatment in an entirely different fashion and not thrown away the opportunity of playing in the 3rd round.

Kovalyov's reaction is what I'm criticizing. As a chess professional he could have done a whole lot better. Would you raise your child to "quit" at the 1st sign of adversity? What about at a job? There are many "bosses from hell". You get treated unfairly. Do you just take your things and go home feeling justified because the boss made a discriminatory remark?
He had the opportunity of a lifetime to play in the 3rd round of the World Cup. There is more going on here than meets the eye, unless he is just a very, very immature person that runs at having any disagreement with authority.
BTW Lipwig, I do not automatically side with Fide and arbiters. We all know how corrupt the organization is. The "hiding the Rook" comment. Sambuev should be banned from chess for a minimum of 2 years for the blatant, intentional cheating that I observed. Fide and the Canadian Fed got that one all wrong imo.

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