Anton Kovalyov on Round 3

It is in many ways a racist comment. How on earth would it be acceptable to use "gypsy" as a derogatory term?

I don't know about you guys, but in my geographical area, if you called someone a "gypsy" they would look at you with indifference and not take offense. They would think there was something mentally wrong with you, because it is such a soft insult and most would fail to understand it.

It all depends on the context. "You cannot wear that. It makes you look like a gypsy" is an obviously negatively loaded sentence. That makes it racist.

You can argue that we don't have all the facts and that we don't know what really happened. But you can't argue that the sentence isn't racist.

Look, I understand in some cultures an exception is taken to the term. Very understandable. (here in the U.S. the term is not generally perceived as racist. Since when is a "Gypsy" a race of people?) (Ethnic yes, but not a race).
But... so some jerk Organizer makes a perceived derogatory comment directed at you? What do you do? Act like a child, take your things and go home, but not before making your own wildly outrages accusations?
Or do you call for a 2nd opinion? Zurab is not the final say. If you feel wronged, take the next step. Man up. After all, are you not there to play chess in the 3rd round of the World Cup? An opportunity of a lifetime is thrown out the door because of an immature attitude.

Tbh, I don't know what I would do. I think what Kovalyov did seems reasonable. He left the area to cool down. Being racially insulted by the organizers is not acceptable no matter what. It must have been both infuriating and humiliating. I wouldn't want to return to the venue after that either.

To me the best part of all this is that the same guy is both the organizer and in the appeals committee. Meaning that if you filed a complaint about the event he would be the one evaluating it. So yes he has the final say. The system is deeply flawed.

To address your "gypsy isn't a race" comment. Even if this was true, it doesn't matter. Just switch "racist" with "discriminating" and its equally sickening.

I would have left and I applaud Kovalyov for doing so. It is actually quite frightening that @mdInnerspace thinks it's acceptable to go around calling people gypsies for wearing shorts. I guess there are still a lot of racists in the US.

@mdinnerspace What are you talking about?
Not only did it literally say in the rules that players are allowed to wear Bermudas, also the player asked before and was told that indeed he would be allowed to wear shorts.
"He could have switched pants."
1. 15 minutes before the game isn't exactly great when you're concentrating already and you haven't even broken any rules.
2. What if you don't have long pants with you?

Being insulted by organizers is not acceptable anywhere you go. No matter who it is. Spectator, player, or anyone for that matter. Just why would you say something like that in the first place no matter the circumstances?

He was never told it was OK in this event. Jeez. He wore them 2 years go in the last WC. You can stop with your harassment BeepBeep. I know who you are. You follow me around, making your insults. It won't work here "dude".
The arbiter said he was not going to prevent him from playing that day. He made a request. Finding suitable pants would not be a problem. Get real. He created the hole mess by insisting the pairing color was wrong, when he obviously was wrong and could have been seeking a resolution by cooperation.

I get it. All you "trolls" who simply want to make a huge issue by shouting these defamatory comments at anyone or anything with authority. You can "interpret" many comments as "being insulted". People are easily insulted these days. Those comments to an Adult are simply brushed aside. There are far more important matters.

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