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Hello All,

I am trying to design an optimum chess lesson. I have put together some ideas. Please provide your feedback and help me improve it. (This lesson is for those who want to improve ELO rating in best possible time but might not be too interesting for those who're just trying to enjoy chess and don't want a focused study schedule.)


Duration 90 minutes

Time Division -

10 Minutes - Tactics
10 Minutes - Endgame
10 Minutes - Opening For White
10 Minutes - Opening For Black
10 Minutes - Model Game in White opening
10 Minutes - Model Games in Black opening
30 Minutes - Student's Game analysis

Before the Lesson-

1. 10 endgame and 10 Tactics positions are to be provided by the Teacher and student is supposed to solve them before the class begins.
These Endgame and Tactics are very carefully chosen and comply fully with Student's repertoire. If the tactics and specially endgames are never going to show up or going to show up after 50 years, there is no point in wasting time in those.

2. An opening repertoire for white and black should be provided in advance. The repertoire should be annotated with text and not too much variations
The ideas would be like the possible weak squares, the typical Pawn Structures, minor piece imbalances etc.

3. Based on the two points above, the Student is supposed to play a few games and needs to annotate them and then send the best 3 games to the Teacher. Teacher might choose one of them for analysis during lesson or show them all in quick succession.
-- The Best games would be where Student thinks, he managed to implement the ideas (tactics, opening and Ending) in his games.

During the Lesson-

1. Teacher is supposed to go over the Tactics and Endgames solved by the student and provide tips and ask questions to ensure that Student understood the idea completely.

2. Similar exercise will be done with openings, Teacher must try to confuse the student with questions or strange counter moves and if Student has understood the ideas well he should be able to figure out a solution.
This exercise is just to ensure that Student is notjust memorising the variations.

3. Next up are two Model games in the opening from Student's repertoire, these are chosen to give the student a complete feeling of what sort of middlegame positions arise in his opening of choice, what kind of tactics and endgames
are going on and most importantly the two critical points in the game-
1. When the middle game arises and student can decide the flow of the game and/or create imbalances.
2. How and when endgame transition happened and what factors motivated a player to go into endgame.

At such critical points, Teacher should allow the student 2 minutes to figure out the plan and best move accordingly.

4. The last 30 minutes are for the Student's game analysis. The point here is to identify where student failed to implement his learned concepts.
Without this segment, most of the chess studies and lessons will be ineffective as the info. acquired will be wasted andsoon be forgotten.

Again this analysis shuld be done in Q & A format.

After The lesson-

Student will require quite some rest post the lesson as it was a very long and dificult exercise.

Student will solve the given assignment and try to replicate the lessons learned so far in his games.

General Guidelines

1. Brain needs time to let the information sink in. So, don't do anything chess specific apart from pondering about your lesson immediately after your lesson. Do some light exercise or sleep.
2. This lesson should ideally the first challenging task in your day or the last challenging task before you go to sleep.
3. It is a very good idea to record your lesson so that you could revise it a couple of days later.

There is way too much emphasis on openings. Tactics, strategy, and endgames are all more important. Rook endings, light piece endings, pawn endings, queen endings are all different subjects that can be taught exactly.
Analysis of student's game should be of a lost game, as the aim is to learn, not to bragg about how good the student already is.

Good ideas to all of you i think if we combined your ideas we will be having our improvements better

If only I had 90 minutes of spare time.

The ideal chess lesson could be a tournament game as well.

Opening, Middlegame, Endgame. 5 hours calculation and evaluation against opponent and time.

Main advantage: own thinking and taking responsibility for own moves.

@ Sarg0n No doubt about it, I observed that after every tournament my online rating went about 100 points up.

But without suitable guidance it is easy to get lost and frustrated. Thinking is quite an easy task but 'What to think' and 'How to think' is all that makes the difference.

If you have any students (particularly adults), give this method a try and let us know what they think.

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