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  3. Always train to play about 50 premoves in <10 secs

I was lucky that I could do 50 premoves in <10 secs. This noob is trying to flag me for 50 moves when both players have <10 secs. (3 mins blitz game)

hardly a noob at that rating .. close game looks like the ending was intense under the time pressure.

is that just me or there is pieces hanging everywhere? (and early in the game)

it's ultra. the only thing that can play well in ultra is computer.

....and penguin

Meh, even the slowpoke Magnus beat penguin at ultra in the last titled arena.

Penguingm1 is a beast probably the best in the world in ultra.


I disagree, Penguin is not the best.

Magnus is.


I understand why you say Magnus is the best since he is the best chess player in the world, but penguin is better in ultrabullet for 3 reasons:

1. He has a lot more experience in insanely short time controls and his ability to make split second descisions is really amazing.

2. His full board awareness is crazy, when I play ultra usually I only look at one side of the board since things are going too fast. The fact that penguin can play blindfolded ultra bullet at a 2200< level is probably better than what Magnus can do

3. After the first 2 points, Say if penguin’s move quality is worse than Magnus’ in ultrabulllet. Without a doubt he is faster than Magnus, and since the ability to move pieces fast is an important asset, I’m pretty sure Penguin’s dexterity is much better than Magnus’ ex.

In 30 sec I would say Magnus may be slightly better than penguin but definitely not in 15 sec. Penguin would beat Magnus in an ultrabullet match and I would be willing to put any money on penguin.

I am extremely confident that Andrew Tang is better than Magnus in even Hyperbullet. While Tang is probably the best ultra player in the world, there are some people who he struggles against in hyper.

Who cares who is the best? The important question is if there is any ultrabullet wizard here who wanna tell us some advice or tips to improve at that insane clock settings.

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