Advertise your Team.

Hey everyone. I have made a team and it is to practise chess against others.
This team is for everyone! Just mind the rules:
Dont be mean
No rated tournaments for the team
If you are to break these rules, you will be kicked out. New rules will be announced in the forum and added to here.

If I make you a leader, tell me before doing anything here, that excludes sending a message in the chat. But if you want to be a leader, I need to see that you are being active and helpful. People who want to become a leader must message me, privately saying they want to be one and in the future, that will mean that I may promote you.

@Sprinkles_The_Carrot may create studies and invite you to them. But if you do not want to join, simply ignore the invite.
The reason it is free for all is so that people can join easily. But if you are a bot or use computer assistance, I will kick you out of the team. So if you find out this info, please message me, privately and I will take care if the rest.

We just are going to practise so it doesn't matter if you win or lose! The most important thing is that you are learning. So are you going to join and practise? Well the choice is yours. is the link if you want to join.