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I see Rankrotten just posted details of the Low Rated Chess League. I've been a member now for a couple of months and can highly recommend it. 2-3 events per week. A really friendly group of people to play chess with. A series of events that goes on over a couple of months. I can highly recommend it. The only limitation is that you do need to be below 1700 rapid (or other if you don't play much rapid).

As the others have mentioned, the Low Rated Chess League is a great team for U1700 players. We have weekly Rapid arenas, part of an eight week season, and are testing out variant tournaments as well. We also do some Classical arenas and weekly or so team battles within our league. All in all, we have a lot of events to offer, and have a lot of fun together. We want our players to be active in our events, so do try and make our tournaments if you can. Join our team here: We can't wait to add you to our community!

Calling all low rated chess players,
The Low Rated Chess League are seeking new members.
A friendly team where all the members have fun playing this great game.
Participate in one of three divisions, u1300, u1500 and u1700.
Have fun playing our in-club Team Battles by choosing one of our mini clubs.
Represent your part of the world in our Nations Challenge.
Take part in our Arena/Swiss events using all the Lichess variants.
Join and meet/make new friends in this fun/friendly/active team.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Low Rated Chess League.

(1700 rapid rated max)