Adjusting pieces

If my opponent adjust pieces while my turn, what is the punishment? My opponent usually just got told by the arbiter not to do it again instead of issuing a warning, or adding time on clock etc.

I sometimes do it yeh it's wrong ( and some strong players don't know this ıf you offer draw you can't takeback your draw offer only your opponent reject it) but in my country somebody don't know this

Normally just a warning for the first time. In zeitnot probably a time bonus. Penalties can be increased in case of repetition.

there should not be a problem if the opponent is adjusting after saying 'adjust' you can check the fide handbook as well

I've seen pieces knocked over and put back on the opponent's time so often... Even though it's forbidden, I guess ppl would hate you if you actually started complaining about it...

samed you cannot adjust a piece even if you say adjust or judo in your opponents turn

adjusting while the opponent's clock is running is gamesmanship. Tell the TD

Well I think it depends, if your opponent knocks over a piece after pulling his arm back from pressing the clock and sets it back immediately, I do not think a arbiter would punish him (I certainly would not call him). If he just adjust his pieces during my thinking time, I would definetly call an arbiter and I think a time punishment + warning is a fair punishment, as it is just distracting your opponent ( I am not an arbiter).

I am a arbiter and I think calling me someone clearly accidentally knocked something over and immetiadetly would fix the situation I would wonder why I was called. If some says "I adjust" and then adjust pieces on opponents time I woudl probably give extra time to opponent, not sure though, if I would assume the process was done in order to disturb for sure I would penalize. I might first ask the chief arbiter of tournament.

If some without thinkin and talking pushes piece close to center of squre - something you see quite often - which clearly does not disturb opponent - I would warn him. on repeated offence extra time for the opponent.

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